Saturday, July 24, 2010


I love MUSIC!..In general,we love music because we can express our feelings through singing,dancing or just listening to it.For me,Music is important to my life,it really helps me a lot.Its like a Medicine and a Vitamins of my soul.Singing is my passion,thats why i keep on singing till now.Music brings me  where i am now,its an instrument to helps supporting my family.When i was a little girl,my Grandfather took me into a singing contest. I remember that i won my first piece singing a song from Shirley Bassey (I WHO HAVE NOTHING).Im happy to get my 50 Pesos Price and use that for my new pad of paper in school and a new Mongol Pencil 1.I cant stop singing specially when i feel blessed and happy,though sometimes i felt so down but still i express my feelings through singing.When i had my bad times,i will cry in my room and sing some sentimental songs.After all,it makes my mind clear and think whats best to do.Some of us,love to listen songs on the radio,because it helps us to feel better specially if your in love,right?I grow up in place where we really love Music!thats Philippines,most of our songs are pop,love songs,inspiratonal songs.Nowadays,we had a lot of style in terms of songs.Lady Gaga,is one of the biggest Hits in Asia,and all over the world.Rihanna is the best one also,Beyonce is my favorite female artist,Akon,i love his Style and Pussycat Dolls.I like them all!They bring great Music thats stick to our mind.So,if you want to sing,just sing,dont be shy!feel free and release your inner talent thats hide inside you.Just do it!And make a groove with your Music!

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